What is VFX

Visual Effects (VFX) is all about creating entirely virtual shots, changing or creating background, adding actors, characters or props.
It is the art of creating or manipulating computer generated imagery outside the contex of a live action shot. It involves the integration of live action footage and generating imagery to create environments which look realistic, but would be expensive or impossible to capture on films.

Why We Use VFX

Visual Effects is one of the booming industry. As per FICCI currently the industry is estimated to be Rs 43.5 billion and will get a significant increase by 2020 and is estimated to grow up to Rs 87.1 billion. It is extensively used in all media and entertainment related sectors like in films, daily soaps, news, ad films, etc. The visual effects team works closely not only with the director but also the cinematographer.Working with the production designer we can expand the sets that are built or built sets that would be impossible to real thus reducing the production cost.

Make Your Career in VFX industry

Some of the opportunities that VFX provides as a career are:-

      Roto Artist : work on special effects, in preparation of material for compositing, painting out wires and rigs, doing green blue screen compositing, etc.
      Paint and Clean Up : The Paint and clean up team will fix the problems of images that need to be restored, removing damage in the shape or scratches and dust before the footage moves to the next department.
      Matte Painter : Creates visual backgrounds, digital paint to create believable environments, digital still photography etc
      Compositor : Compositors are responsible for constructing the final image by combining layers of previously-created material.
      VFX Supervisor : Working with the director or producer of a project,the VFX Supervisor will decide on the VFX needs for every shot.

If you are a movie buff? adventureous? enjoy interesting design or art? and want to make a career in an exciting, creative field? then it is time to think beyond. The vfx industry has immense career scope for those who want to bring their creativity to life and tell interesting stories. The credit for the success of these movies goes to talented visual effects artists, who ensured that the VFX of these movies looked realistic and believable to the audience.