About Us

VFX industry in India has gained considerable impetus in the past years and definitely there is an ever increasing graph ahead in the future. Growth and progress are always marked with milestones thus; if the key challenges are tackled with wise measures then the pace of growth can be fastened with no paramount hurdle in its way. As VFX is gaining importance, YELLOW CLOUD was conceptualized by Mr. Subhankar Tewary , with a vision to provide the media industry, skilled and qualified personnel, and to further reinforce Kolkata's position as VFX hub.

"It is my quest to provide budding VFX artists in this region, a strong platform with professional faculties having industry and training experience for creating world class VFX.”

“A training facility in YELLOW CLOUD with latest infrastructure & licensed software's and hardware's, high grade ambiance with trainers and personalized care through low teacher to student ratio, provides students an unique & entertaining learning platform" says Mr. Tewary. In Yellow Cloud we bridge the gap between students and the Industry. As we are product specific, we teach according to the Industry need. Our course offers a well-rounded and balanced syllabus, giving the student a firm grounding in the principles of VFX. It will enable them to work with industry standard software with quality film-studio facilities for production projects, alongside gaining the knowledge and ability to work professionally in the VFX industry. As we have our own production house , students can work on live projects which will enable students to create a professional show reel to take with them to the world of work and put them in touch with important players from the industry.

Why Yellow Cloud ?

Well-equipped studios.

Detailed and proper training by the professionals.

Courses are well rounded and balanced keeping the needs of the industry.

Yellow cloud gives opportunity to their students to handle liveprojects during their internship.

Yellow cloud provides certificates straight from the software (Nuke)which as a result opens up an ample amount of job opportunities not only in India but in international markets too

Outdoor photography workshops will be conducted for better understanding of the subject.

Proper training on soft skills will be provided to the students.

Placement assistance will be provided to the students in the best studios depending upon their skills and understanding

At the end of the course students will have their portfolio ready to enter industry.